Освітній простір України | VOL. 16

Забезпечення якості вищої освіти в європейському освітньому просторі

Publication Date Sep 16, 2019


The article deals with the problem of the quality of higher education in the European educational space. The tools that will ensure the implementation of the EU strategy are outlined. The main focus in the innovative approach to the internal functioning of higher education is the reform of curricula and the use of ICT. European higher education institutions seek to strike a balance between their institutional and academic aspirations and the need for international co-operation. The most typical models of teaching staff training in the countries of the European Union are revealed. The problem of education in the European space is considered. One of the main tasks of the European higher education system is the establishment of a simplified procedure for access to higher education, which would strengthen Europe’s position in the global market for higher education. In a number of European Union countries, quality assessment systems are not yet fully developed. Introduction of a convergent system of obtaining academic degrees leads to the need to have agreed criteria for assessing the quality and to establish a certain minimum requirements for educational levels. Therefore, the Bologna Initiative will have to bring accreditation issues into the center of the debate on higher education in Europe. As we see, the construction of the European Higher Education Area is a difficult process, but objectively necessary for the development of the entire system of modern higher education on our planet. The experience already gained from the ...


European Space Global Market For Higher Education Higher Education European Educational Space European Education European Higher Education Quality Assessment Systems Academic Aspirations Use Of ICT European Union Countries

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