The relevance of the research is caused by the necessity to increase energy and environmental efficiency systems for purification of emissions of pulverizing system and flue gas thermal power plant in coal generation and gas treatment in gas generation, pursuant to Federal law No. 261-FZ dated 23.11.2009 (ed. from 29.07.2017) «On energy saving and increasing energy efficiency and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation» and the requirements to control the emission of greenhouse gases (e.g., order No. 330 of 29.06.2017 «On approval of methodical instructions for quantitative determination of the amount of indirect energy greenhouse gas emissions», etc) emissions of pulverizing system and flue gases of thermal power plants with coal generation and the system gas treatment gas generation. The main aim of the research is to develop a cyclone filtration device to increase the efficiency of gas treatment systems at thermal power plants, reduce suspended particulate emissions into the atmosphere from dust preparation systems and flue gases during coal generation and increase the reliability of gas turbine and combined-cycle gas turbine units, due to reduced wear on the working surfaces of piston and screw compressors, booster compressor stations; prevent the products of internal corrosion of gas pipelines in gas-turbine units, in accordance with clause 93, 94 Federal standards and rules in the field of industrial safety «Safety Rules of gas distribution networks and gas consumption» (Series 12, vol. 13). Object: a cyclone model based on CN-11-200, providing increased energy and environmental efficiency of gas treatment systems on thermal power plant. Methods: bench tests of a cyclone filter manufactured by modernizing the cyclone CN-11-200, aerodynamic calculations; numerical simulation of aerodynamic parameters of the cyclone based on the methods of computational fluid dynamics. For mathematical modeling of separation the authors have used the system of equations consisting of the Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations of motion for single-phase flow and equations of particles motion based on Newton's law. To determine the effectiveness of separating the solid part of the flow in the cyclone-filter the dimensionless complex Rer was used. Using the complex the numerical values of parameters from deposition of suspended solids from multiphase flow in the separator were determined by calculation. The results shown lack of designs which would provide high (more than 98 %) extent of cleaning of emissions without sharp increase in energy consumption at processing emissions. The experiments carried out demonstrate the expediency of constructive addition of returnable and line cyclones with the filtering insert in a zone where there is an inertial sedimentation of dust. Extents of particle sedimentation in a cyclone depending on Reynolds number are defined. The calculations shown the compliance of results of theoretical and natural researches.

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