Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Engineering | VOL. 38

실습선 한바다호를 이용한 선박부문 온실가스 배출량 산정에 관한 연구

Publication Date Mar 31, 2014


Abstract: As the seriousness of the global environment pollution is gaining our attention recently, researches on application of greenhouse gas emission of ship are being carried globally. However domestic study on greenhouse gas emission from ship was not carried out in various fields. In this study, quantitative data which was presented by greenhouse gas emission of training ship HANBADA and greenhouse gas emission was cal-culated by Tier 1 method based on total fuel consumption and amount of shore power. Actual voyage data for 1year in 2012 was used to analysis the greenhouse gas emission. This study showed how many weight of gases were exhausted per 1 gross tonnage and per 1trainee in the training ship. There is a need of further re-search to reduce pollutant and to respond to international environment regulation consistently. Keywords: Environment pollution, Greenhouse gas, Tier 1, Fuel consumption, Shore electricity 1. 서 론 기후변화에 관한 정부간 협의체(IPCC)는 제 4차 보고서 [1] 를 통해서 21세기 기후변화의 가속화 전망을 제시하고 있으며, 현재와 같이 지속적으로 화석연료를 사용한다면 21세기 말까지 지구평균기온이 2.4∼6.4℃ 상승하고, 해수면은 26~60cm 상승할 것으로 전망하고 있다


Greenhouse Gas Emission Training Ship Fuel Consumption Environment Pollution Greenhouse Gas Quantitative Data Global Pollution International Regulation Consumption Of Power Actual Data

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