The article considers the innovative methods of estimation and analysis of the current economic security situation in Ukrain e . The nature of current problems of economic security of State is also disclosed and proposals are presented for overcoming the crisis phenomena of the modern develeping economy of the country. This article reflects the institutional features of the economic security ensuring of the State in the face of instability and the emergence of new associated with the cyclical nature of the economy. The ways of overcoming the crisis conditions of various branches of production for the sustainable development and economic growth of the state in the condition of integration of the country in the world economic markets and organizations are analyzed. The purpose of the article is to reveal the urgent issues of Ukraine's economic security and provide the solution of the crisis of the modern state economy. It is important to note that the state's economic security also serves as a criterion for the effectiveness (efficiency) of the state's economic policy. Allocation of national economic interest as one of the most important in the structure of national interests of the country is the basis for the effective sustainable development of economic system. National economic security is understood as the protection of the economy from internal and external adverse factors that interfere with normal functioning of the internal reproduction process, undermine the standard of living of the population and thereby cause increased social tension in society, as well as the threat to the state itself. Among the top priority issues of the economic security is monitoring and assessment of the level of to priority national interests, and therefore their interdependence: the calculation of total potential, the disclosure of laws in the system of priorities of national interests - threats .

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