The article is devoted to the problem of forming the student’s personality under the conditions of digital technologies progress. The digitalization of education requires a lot of effort to master the new technologies by both students and teachers. Students face particularly acute challenges, because during the transformation of education, there are no established norms and rules of conduct in the new educational space. The author analyzed the latest research and publications on the problem of personality formation in the context of digitalization of education, as well as documents of the European Union, UN General Assembly resolutions, etc. Digital technologies offer new opportunities to complement, enrich and transform of education. Information and communication technologies are a key tool for promoting the equal and inclusive access to education, bridging learning gaps, opening new perspectives for teachers and their professions, improving the quality and content of education, and improving the education management system. The challenges and risks faced by classical education today are analyzed. It is concluded that the challenges of the digital era significantly lead to a rethinking of forms, tools and methods of teaching. The inertia of classical education has led to the emergence of new forms of education – non-formal and informal. Possible risks of personality development in different contexts of digital transformations are considered. The diversity of educational opportunities can, in turn, be seen again as a challenge to open space, because the large number of available educational resources does not mean their quality. And in order to choose quality educational resources, critical thinking is needed. An analysis of threats and challenges that arise in the open information and educational space reveals the importance of skills needed by individuals in the XXI century: critical and creative thinking, cooperation and communication, information and technology literacy, flexibility, initiative, productivity, socialization.

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