Korean Journal of Agricultural Science | VOL. 38

생물다양성 확보를 위한 하안 복원 평가지표 개발에 관한 연구

Publication Date Jun 1, 2011


In order to revive the ecological function of degraded rivers, a total restoration plan for riverbeds and riparians needs to be developed. Previous evaluations for rivers were mainly focused on the river’s physical structures. Therefore, this research has developed indicators to evaluate a riparian restoration considering biodiversity. Through literature and previous cases review, 4 fields and 13 indicators are selected for the evaluation. Four fields are biodiversity, habitat diversity, connectivity and habitat functionality. In the biodiversity field, 4 indicators of the exuberant extent of herbaceous vegetation and their diversity, the exuberant extent of shrub and woody plants and their diversity, the number of plant communities and naturalized plants are included. Habitat diversity are comprised of 4 indicators of the longitudinal continuity of vegetation, the mixture of plant communities, the extent of plant typeㆍcolorㆍfruit abundance and the distribution of vegetation. Connectivity includes 3 indicators of target distribution, the shore slope of low water channels and the extent of artificial embankment materials. Habitat functionality has 2 indicators of the status of food supply plants and the habitat functionality. The value weighting for the fields and indicators has been calculated based on the AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) method. 50 experts were surveyed with quantifiable questionnaire, among them 43 experts have more than 10 yesrs experiences in the nature restoration field. The selected and weighted indicat...

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