Полис. Политические исследования | VOL. 2

Этносоциальная ситуация в арктических регионах России и государственная национальная политика

Publication Date Mar 1, 2018


The article presents the results of the sociological studies of the interethnic relations in the Arkhangelsk region and the Nenets Autonomous District, that are a part of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. We held an opinion poll and identified a statistically significant group of respondents that negatively evaluated the state of international relations, as well as the prevalence of a stable negative attitude towards the certain ethnic minorities in the population. The mass survey was supplemented by the materials of the series of expert interviews and statistical data. Comparison and interpretation of empirical values have led to the conclusion about the absence of socio-economic, demographic and cultural preconditions for the growth of ethnic tensions in the study area and about the negative assessments among the part of the population in respect of certain ethnic groups that have been based on the discursive reproduced ethnic hetero-stereotypes. The academic community should promote a rethinking of the idea of ethnic and cultural diversity among the political establishment and the related mass media by offering a conceptual alternative to the idea of the rigid differentiation of the population on the basis of the culturally distinctive features, when every citizen should clearly and permanently identify their ethnicity.


Arctic Zone Of The Russian Federation Nenets Autonomous District Arkhangelsk Region Mass Survey Idea Of Diversity Academic Community Political Establishment Ethnic Minorities Socio-economic Preconditions Cultural Diversity

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