Food Industry Economics | VOL. 11

Оцінка впливу використання генетично модифікованої продукції на стан продовольчої безпеки

Publication Date Jul 5, 2019


The article discusses the economic and social aspects of the impact of genetically modified productson the state of food security, in particular the physical and economic accessibility of food, food supply,pricing and competitive conditions. The problem of providing humanity with food is revealed. The theoreticalbases and methods of food safety regulation are determined, as well as the essence, the reasons for thecreation and use of genetically modified organisms in this food safety system. Use of GMOs in the world andindividual countries in the context of their impact on food security has been analyzed. The legal frameworkand methods of state regulation of genetically modified products in different countries have also beenanalyzed.The necessity of improving the state regulation of genetically modified products in Ukraine issubstantiated. The problem of food security in Ukraine is acute and interrelated with the crisis state of theeconomy, limited material, financial and labor resources. Ukraine needs a strategy for the development ofthe agro-industrial complex, taking into account the effective use of its potential, the reduction of importedfood products with an increase in export orientation. One of the problematic issues in formation of thedevelopment mechanisms of an ecologically safe environment is the spread of genetically modifiedorganisms (GMOs). In the market economic system, they can only be used for profit. Use of GMOs affectsthe economic affordability of food as it reduces the range of food products and, as a con...

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Use Of Genetically Modifiedorganisms
Genetically Modified Organisms
Food Security In Ukraine
Economic Accessibility Of Food
Products In Different Countries
Problem Of Food Security
Market Economic System
Security In Ukraine
Products In Ukraine
Food Safety System

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