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Формирование инклюзивной культуры при реализации инклюзивного образования: вызовы и достижения

Publication Date Jan 1, 2018


The article analyzes the concept of inclusive culture and the methodology of its definition and formation, attempts to apply this methodology in different countries (USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand, Australia). In international practice, educational inclusion is created on the basis of educational organization inclusive culture which is considered as the ground of inclusive policy and practice. In the framework of organizational approach, inclusive culture is defined as a set of shared values which favour creating of inclusive community in organization. Changes of shared values accepting diversity of learners and their educational needs have a key significance in this process. These changes should concern not only declared values, but basic assumptions of educational organization members. The understanding of social justice and equity which lays in the ground of inclusive values influences inclusive policy and practice. In the modern discourse of inclusion, this understanding is based mainly on social-constructionist approach, which conditions preferences in interpretation of social justice and equity in access to education and associated with these preferences risks. In conclusion, the need for the balance between tasks of education and inclusion is suggested in order to minimize risks associated with different understandings of equity in the access to education

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Understanding Of Equity
Set Of Shared Values
Understanding Of Social Justice
Equity In Access
Inclusive Culture
Tasks Of Education
Social-constructionist Approach
Social Equity
Inclusive Practice
Educational Inclusion

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