The development of food industry enterprises as a priority sector of the economy is extremely important for society. The food industry has social signifi-cance and plays the role of a potential source of national competitive advantage. The main purpose of the activity and development of food industry enterprises is to meet the needs of the population in a sufficient amount of food, which is the main task of the country's food supply. High competition in food markets encourages food producers to seek innovative measures, introduce new approaches in production and management, etc. In crisis conditions of management one of such directions can be the scenario approach that allows to consider a picture of perspective functioning and to outline further ways of development of the enterprises. The development of alternative scenarios outlines possible options for the development of enterprises, determining the depth of the crisis, the manifestation of its state, the likely directions of overcoming the crisis or preventing negative consequences. To realistically describe the manifestation of future trends, we prove the idea of testing the strategy in at least three scenarios that allow us to identify key factors of the external and internal environment. Comparison of production by main and, in our opinion, promising, types of products, in accordance with the current state, and possible development scenarios were conducted for the confectionery industry, as the most promising in terms of implementation of innovative processes and technologies. The results of the study show significant changes in the sector for the production of sugar confectionery and its substitutes, and other products will be produced in smaller quantities than in 2019. After examining the sales of confectionery products, a probable forecast is built, which may take place for the confectionery industry based on the implementation of three probable development scenarios. When making business decisions on the implementation of the proposed scenarios in the confectionery industry there is a need to formulate an appropriate development strategy.

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