Izvestiya Tomskogo Politekhnicheskogo Universiteta Inziniring Georesursov | VOL. 330


Publication Date Jun 5, 2019


The relevance of the study is related to development of theoretical foundations of gas production technologies from gas-hydrate deposits by substitution. The method of carbon dioxide injection is considered, which allows reducing significantly energy costs for development of natural gas hydrate deposits. The main aim of the study is to determine the features of methane replacing with carbon dioxide in gas hydrate when injecting liquid carbon dioxide into gas hydrate formation. Object: a porous layer of finite extent saturated with methane and its gas hydrate, the initial pressure and temperature of which correspond to the conditions of stable existence of methane gas hydrate. Methods. On the basis of the equations of continuum mechanics, a mathematical model of heat and mass transfer in the natural reservoir is constructed, accompanied by methane substitution for carbon dioxide in gas hydrate. It is accepted that in the considered case in a layer there are two characteristic zones separated by a mobile boundary of phase transitions. The first (near) pore area is saturated with liquid carbon dioxide and its gas hydrate, and the second (far) area contains methane and its gas hydrate. Result. The authors have obtained numerical solutions for pressure and temperature fields at injection of liquid carbon dioxide into a gas hydrate layer of finite extent and temperature dependences on the substitution border on injection pressure and formation permeability. It is established that at sufficiently low values of injection pressure an...

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Gas Hydrate
Formation Permeability
Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Injection Of Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide Gas Hydrate
Decomposition Of Gas Hydrate
Mathematical Model Of Heat
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide In Hydrate
Decomposition Of Hydrate

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