Metallurgicheskaya i gornorudnaya promyshlennost

Влияние качества агломерата и кокса на технико-экономические показатели доменной плавки

Publication Date Aug 1, 2018


Purpose: Compare the results of blast furnace smelting efficiency, when chang-ing the qualitative characteristics of the sinter and coke, and the calculated param-eters of the blowing regime of melting. Methodology: Analysis of technical and economic performance of blast furnaces during periods of work on the agglomerate with different metallurgical characteris-tics and different diameter of the tuyeres. Findings: The experience of blast furnaces with a volume of 2,700 and 2,000 m3 confirmed a known fact of the dependence of furnace efficiency and coke consump-tion not only through the quality of charge materials, but also through the distribu-tion of the gas flow along the furnace section. Originality: The technological analysis of the results of the operation of blast furnaces with the volume of 2700 and 2000 m3 with a change of the quality of the sinter and pellets in combination with the change of the blowing regime parame-ters was performed. On the basis of the performed analysis, it was confirmed the expediency of increasing the gas permeability of the charge by improving the quali-ty of the raw materials while increasing the total mechanical energy of the com-bined gas-blast and hearth-gas, which are responsible for the length of the com-bustion zone and the depth of penetration of the gas flow to the center of the blast furnace. Practical value: Alternation of tuyeres of different diameters along with the im-provement of the quality characteristics of charge materials, additionally contrib-utes to the enhancement of...

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Total Energy
High-quality Raw Materials
Penetration Of Gas
Furnace Section
Furnace Hearth
Periods Of Work
Metallurgical Characteris-tics
Analysis Of Technical Performance
Quali-ty Of Materials
Analysis Of Economic Performance

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