The monetary policy of the Central Bank of Russia is an integral part of the economic policy of the state, that is, the Bank of Russia, together with the government, determines the main parameters of the monetary system. However, the role of monetary policy in the socio-economic development of the state has not been sufficiently disclosed. The use of methods of monetary regulation can be effective only in combination with sound economic measures implemented by the government. The relevance of this topic lies in the fact that it is necessary to determine what methods of monetary regulation can ensure sustainable economic growth, as well as how monetary policy should be combined with national economic policy. For the purpose of research, various scientific methods and approaches were used, in particular, methods of theoretical analysis, economic and statistical methods, methods of comparison, analogy, historical analysis. As a result of the research, it was found that monetary policy is not consistent with the economic policy of the state. The use of the formed budget funds is not always expedient, which leads to such negative consequences as inflation, excessive polarization of the population’s income, and low rates of GDP development. The studies carried out made it possible to determine the main directions of monetary policy and a set of economic measures that can stop the fall of the national currency (devaluation), ensure financial stability and a gradual growth of GDP.

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