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Green encounters: critically creative inter/actions with-and-in ecologies of crisis

ABSTRACT This article contributes to ongoing dialogues in creative writing research relating to three areas of inquiry: writing as a way of knowing; collaboration and communities of practice; and writing in response to environmental crises. We connect these areas by articulating insights from a collaborative arts-based research project on the theme of green encounters. We associate green with what is often problematically referred to as nature – plants, trees, animals, fungus, landforms, waterways, weather, and more, as well as rawness, naïveté, the unknown, rottenness, death, and the unworldly. Through methods of poetic inquiry, we produced ethical, creative, and critical texts demonstrating a diversity of responses to environmental crises made available through creative inquiry. This article offers a distinct articulation of the pressures and tensions inherent to humans’ relationships with the more-than-human, while interrogating our own precarity as early career researchers as linked to the contingencies of living things. With reference to Félix Guattari’s ecosophical theory, we recognise academia as a part of the mental ecology wherein need currently exists to nurture diversity and evolve praxes for sustainability. Towards this end, we highlight the value of creative arts-based collaborations for generating knowledge about ways we can face multiform ecological and other crises.

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