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Event-triggered H ∞ control of complex dynamical networks subject to stochastic cyber-attacks by new two-sided delay-dependent LKF functional

ABSTRACT This article deals with the problem of event-triggered control of complex dynamical networks (CDNs) subject to stochastic cyber-attacks and random coupling delays. Hackers may abuse the system by injecting malicious activity into communication networks. Two types of non-linear functions for cyber-attacks, time-varying coupling delays, respectively, and a set of random variables satisfying the Bernoulli distribution are proposed. Against complex dynamical networks, an attacker has the capacity to change the transmitted data. So the traditional control method can be a major challenge, and it is essential to respond to cyber-attacks of this kind. An event-triggered mechanism (ETM) was implemented to avoid losing limited bandwidth. The input delay method is then used to build a time-varying sample under stochastic cyber-attacks. The stability criterion of the developed system model and the display expression of control parameters are then established using a new two-sided delay-dependent Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional (LKF) and linear matrix inequality (LMI) techniques. Lastly, two numerical examples, including the inverted pendulum application, are presented to illustrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the derived theoretical results.