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Modeling and assessment of the flow and air pollutants dispersion during chemical reactions from power plant activities

Abstract In this work, numerical modeling and assessment of the dispersion of pollutants as a result of a chemical reaction from the activities of the Ekibastuz SDPP-1 was considered. The simulation was done on a valid thermal power plant. At the same time, to model the dispersion of pollutants NO, NO2 and CO were used, and the products NO2, HNO3 and CO2 from a chemical reaction with oxygen were also considered. The validation of the mathematical model, taking into account the chemical reaction, was carried out using several test problems and the obtained numerical results were compared with experimental data and numerical data of other authors. So in this work, estimates of the concentration level were given, both for pollutants and for products that were formed from a chemical reaction. As a result, the mass fractions of concentration and product were determined during a chemical reaction for various distances from chimneys. According to the data obtained, it can be noticed that, under the influence of diffusion, concentrations and products during a chemical reaction spread wider in width and due to this diffusion, the concentration level with an increase in the distance from the chimneys is lower. So, according to the data obtained, it is possible to assess the choice of the optimal distance of the thermal power plant from residential areas, at which the concentration of emissions and products from a chemical reaction will remain at a safe level.