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By attending this symposium, you will

  • R Discovery Understand challenges and errors related to literature search
  • R Discovery Learn literature-search tips from a senior researcher
  • R Discovery Be introduced to R Discovery, a new-age, state-of-the-art mobile app developed to help researchers with literature discovery
  • R Discovery Engage with researchers across the world and from multiple disciplines
  • R Discovery Get a certificate if you attend the event live and get access to the recording after the event

Did you know

R Discovery
Estimated annual growth rate of research output: 4%
R Discovery
Number of clicks needed to find and access 1 article: 5–15
R Discovery
Average number of articles a researcher reads per year: 250

What do we have in store for you?

Segment 1: How to become a literature-search wizard: Tips from a journal editor (45 minutes)

R Discovery

Speaker:Dr. Jacob D. Wickham

Speaker: Dr. Jacob D. Wickham

Managing Editor of the journal Integrative Zoology, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Zoology in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Entomology at Rutgers University

Dr. Wickham will share his insights as an editor/peer reviewer/senior researcher on the common mistakes related to literature search that he has observed authors make. He will share tips on how authors can make their literature-search strategies more effective.

Segment 2: Re-imagining the approach to literature search (45 minutes)


R Discovery
Siddharth Varshney Head, Researcher.Life,
Cactus Communications

Siddharth has 10 years’ experience in launching B2C products based on cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning. In his current role, he is extensively involved in creating the best literature-search and reading experience for researchers via the R Discovery app.

R Discovery
Neha Lasure R Discovery app user

Neha is a biological researcher with a background in studying viral epidemiology of infectious diseases at the National Institute of Virology, Pune, India. She is actively involved in pedagogy and science communication activities for life science undergraduates, postgraduates, and research scholars.


R Discovery
Sneha Kulkarni Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights

Sneha is passionate about bridging the communication gap in the research community, avidly follows emerging trends in scholarly publishing, and writes about these topics. She has published guest posts on platforms such as The Scholarly Kitchen and the London School of Economics’ Impact blog.

In this conversation, we will continue the focus on solutions to the challenges of literature discovery. The panel will discuss technology available today to help researchers stay up to date on the latest research. In a world where research itself is so dynamic and time is of the essence, what is the surest way to stay up to date with the latest research on the go. Be privy to these discussions and much more!

What participants have said about our previous webinars

"I gained inspire story and also gained well experience and also to expand the manuscript. I was very happy on that session."

Anwar Ahmed RobleResearch Director

"I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar, the tool is very handy, I have already used it. The discussion was very fruitful and I'm glad I have an insight into how editors think."

Dr. Vidisha VallabhAssistant Professor

"The speaker has an excellent command of the platform, as well as knowledge as a scientific reviewer. He clarified all the doubts that arose in a synthetic way."

Jose Juan Castillo Perez Project coordinator


  • 1. Will I get a certificate?

    Yes, all attendees will get a certificate.

  • 2. What if I can’t attend the event live? Will a recording be available?

    Yes, a link to the recording will be shared with you as part of our post-symposium e-mail update. However, you will not receive a certificate of attendance if you do not attend it live.

  • 3. What do I need to attend this event?

    This event is free of cost, so you only need to register for it using the sign-up form on this page. You can join the event from any device, mobile, or desktop. For an optimum experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser and ensuring you have a fast internet connection to allow for uninterrupted learning.

  • 4. Do I need to download the R Discovery app before the session?

    No, you can attend the session even if you have not downloaded the app beforehand, but doing so may help you gain more from the symposium.

  • 5. What is R Discovery?

    R Discovery is a free, AI-powered, app-based tool for literature discovery. It allows you to search and read literature on the go and finds you the most recent and relevant articles, thereby saving you considerable time and energy.

  • 6. How can I find out when the symposium will happen in my time zone?

    We have scheduled the symposium to allow for maximum participation from researchers across the globe. Check below to find out when the event will be live in your time zone.

  • Your local time (on this computer/device)
    R DiscoveryFri, May 28, 2021 | 1400 UTC