Workplace Discrimination During International Work Assignments

Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


All people have the right to conduct their activities without equal development and discrimination, but social inequality and job subordination put the employer and the employee in an unequal situation for years. Many women have been silent for decades/centuries due to fear of losing their jobs/income and have not provided law enforcement with information about sexual acts against them. It has been about 40 years since these illegal actions were identified and fought against. These discriminatory facts remain a problem to this day and are a very topical issue not in one country but the whole world. Unlike its concept, discrimination is not a new phenomenon; it exists from the very beginning of the formation of society, and people with different signs were persecuted. Initially, there was persecution on the grounds of wealth, rank, skin color, race, and religion, but unfortunately, the number of signs of unequal treatment is increasing even in the modern era.


Workplace Discrimination Illegal Actions Topical Issue Modern Era Skin Color Social Inequality Social Subordination Social Job Unequal Situation Unequal Treatment

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