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Venous vascularization of the rectum in Yorkshire piglets

Publication Date Jul 11, 2022


To date, many studies have been conducted on vascular vascularization of the colon in mammals, but few of them concerned the features of the course and branching of vessels, in particular intramural veins with possible surgical interventions on omnivores. In connection with the above about the relevance of rectal research, we set a goal to study venous vascularization of the rectum, and use Yorkshire piglets as a model. Cadaverous material for the study was delivered to the Department of Animal Anatomy of the St. Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine from the Idavang Agro pig breeding complex in Nurma village, Tosnensky district of the Leningrad Region. The study was conducted according to the third stage of development – the second dairy (22-45 days of the postnatal period), according to the periodization of the life of pigs. To achieve this task, a complex of traditional anatomical research methods was used: fine anatomical dissection, vasorentgenographic, photographing and morphometry. When examining the rectum of Yorkshire piglets, it was found that the main venous highway of this organ is the cranial rectal vein, as well as the presence of a wide network of anastomoses of the pelvic cavity organs should be taken into account when it is possible to spread the pathological process hematogenically from one organ to another. It was also found that the dorsal surface of the rectum is the most blood-supplied, as opposed to the ventral one. The obtained data are necessary for veterinary surgeons to determine the m...


Yorkshire Piglets Intramural Veins Branching Of Vessels Stage Of Development Interventions In Operations Pelvic Organs Traditional Research Methods Course Of Vessels Cranial Vein Fine Dissection

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