2D Materials | VOL. 9

Vapor\u2013liquid assisted chemical vapor deposition of Cu2X materials

Publication Date Aug 4, 2022


Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) are known for their layered structure and tunable functional properties. However, a unified understanding on other transition metal chalcogenides (i.e. M2X) is still lacking. Here, the relatively new class of copper-based chalcogenides Cu2X (X = Te, Se, S) is thoroughly reported. Cu2X are synthesized by an unusual vapor\u2013liquid assisted growth on a Al2O3/Cu/W stack. Liquid copper plays a significant role in synthesizing these layered systems, and sapphire assists with lateral growth and exfoliation. Similar to traditional TMDs, thickness dependent phonon signatures are observed, and high-resolution atomic images reveal the single phase Cu2Te that prefers to grow in lattice-matched layers. Charge transport measurements indicate a metallic nature at room temperature with a transition to a semiconducting nature at low temperatures accompanied by a phase transition, in agreement with band structure calculations. These findings establish a fundamental understanding and thrust Cu2Te as a flexible candidate for wide applications from photovoltaics and sensors to nanoelectronics.


Charge Transport Measurements Transition Metal Chalcogenides Lattice-matched Layers Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Unified Understanding Band Structure Calculations Lateral Growth Metallic Nature Structure Functional Properties Layered Structure

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