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Valley-magnetophonon resonance for interlayer excitons

Publication Date Aug 11, 2022


Abstract Heterobilayers consisting of MoSe2 and WSe2 monolayers can host optically bright interlayer excitons with intriguing properties such as ultralong lifetimes and pronounced circular polarization of their photoluminescence due to valley polarization, which can be induced by circularly polarized excitation or applied magnetic fields. Here, we report on the observation of an intrinsic valley-magnetophonon resonance for localized interlayer excitons promoted by invervalley hole scattering. It leads to a resonant increase of the photoluminescence polarization degree at the same field of 24.2 Tesla for H-type and R-type stacking configurations despite their vastly different excitonic energy splittings. As a microscopic mechanism of the hole intervalley scattering we identify the scattering with chiral TA phonons of MoSe2 between excitonic states mixed by the long-range electron hole exchange interaction.


Long-range Electron Hole Exchange Interaction Ultralong Lifetimes Interlayer Excitons WSe2 Monolayers Long-range Exchange Interaction Chiral Phonons Circular Polarization Bright Excitons Long-range Exchange Intrinsic Resonance

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