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Tumor cell malignancy: A complex trait built through reciprocal interactions between tumors and tissue-body system

Publication Date May 1, 2022


Since the discovery of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in the late past century, cancer research has been overwhelmingly focused on the genetics and biology of tumor cells and hence has addressed mostly cell-autonomous processes with emphasis on traditional driver/passenger genetic models. Nevertheless, over that same period, multiple seminal observations have accumulated highlighting the role of non-cell autonomous effectors in tumor growth and metastasis. However, given that cell autonomous and non-autonomous events are observed together at the time of diagnosis, it is in fact impossible to know whether the malignant transformation is initiated by cell autonomous oncogenic events or by non-cell autonomous conditions generated by alterations of the tissue-body ecosystem. This review aims at addressing this issue by taking the option of defining malignancy as a complex genetic trait incorporating genetically determined reciprocal interactions between tumor cells and tissue-body ecosystem.

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Cell Autonomous Events
Biology Of Tumor Cells
Tumor Cell Malignancy
Discovery Of Oncogenes
Autonomous Events
Cell-autonomous Processes
Tumor Suppressor Genes
Reciprocal Interactions
Tumor Cells
Malignant Transformation

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