Tragedy and Trajectories of Human Trafficking

Publication Date May 20, 2022


Human trafficking refers to the wide variety of processes by which individuals become physically enslaved. An individual is said to be physically enslaved when she or he is unable to leave a situation without fear of violence and is forced to work while paid little or nothing for any duration of time Therefore, a biblical perspective to deal with this horror is urgently required to theologically interrogate the problem of human trafficking in sub-Saharan Africa in general and Nigeria in particular with the purpose to proffer sustainable solution that is biblically acceptable. The paper employed exegetical method of a diachronic type as well as historical-critical methodology to interrogate the text within its context. The paper concluded that the challenge of human trafficking and kidnapping is endemic in Nigeria and has negated the theology of sanctity and sacredness of life, as well as the salvific work of Jesus Christ for believers.

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Sacredness Of Life
Fear Of Violence
Human Trafficking
sub-Saharan Africa
Problem Of Trafficking
Method Of Type
Problem Of Human Trafficking
Salvific Work
Exegetical Method
Biblical Perspective

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