Software applications play an increasingly critical role in various aspects of our lives, from communication and entertainment to business and healthcare. As these applications become more pervasive, the importance of considering human values in software development has gained significant attention. In this preliminary study, we investigate developers's perceptions and experiences related to human values, with a focus on the human value of transparency. We interviewed five experienced developers and conducted thematic analysis to explore how developers perceive transparency, violations of transparency, and the process of fixing reported violations of transparency. Our findings reveal the significance of transparency as a fundamental value in software development, with developers recognising its importance for building trust, promoting accountability, and fostering ethical practices. Developers recognise the negative consequences of the violation of the human value of transparency and follow a systematic process to fix reported violations. This includes investigation, root cause analysis, corrective action planning, collaborative problem-solving, and testing and verification. These preliminary findings contribute to the understanding of transparency in software development and provide insights for promoting ethical practices.

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