The Root Causes of Human Trafficking in West Africa and Nigeria in Perspective

Publication Date May 20, 2022


This research investigates the root causes of human trafficking in West Africa and Nigeria in particular. Findings indicate that the ‘push and pull factors' and other possible emerging factors are responsible for trafficking of persons within the region. Karl Marx theory of alienation was adopted to evaluate the research. The work recommends that various military and paramilitary agencies ought to be deployed to liaise with the locals in order to arrest agents of human trafficking. Poverty eradication by the government remains crucial in the fight against this disturbing menace. Also, various means should be used by the government to create employment opportunities. In case of none, then suitable welfare packages should be made available to citizens to alleviate their temptation of venturing into the practice. Also, an enabling environment, through the provision of social amenities, should be made available to those at the grassroots. And finally, everything must be done to eliminate class structure in the society, which is fast becoming the dream of many human trafficking victims.

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