The Multiplicities of an Ethics Committee in Higher Education

Publication Date May 20, 2022


In the academic context, the main activity of ethics committees is evidently to regulate and monitor any investigation carried out within the institution, if the object of study is a person or biological material. However, it is important to note that ethics committee activity does not end, and cannot end, in this sphere of action. These entities are fundamental in raising awareness of the academic community for the assumption and incorporation of certain principles and values in their practices and in those of their members. Those principles and values include professional secrecy, respect for integrity and privacy, principles that become even more relevant when they refer to vulnerable people, such as health users. In a constantly changing world, ethics committees must identify new challenges and anticipate, as far as possible, action strategies. Having an ethics committee in a higher educational institution provides opportunities to, in a timely manner, be aware of the state of the art in bioethics or have access to recent research in healthcare.

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