Acta Mycologica | VOL. 56

The Lichen Biota of Pinus sylvestris Under the Impact of Some Stand-Related Factors: A Case Study from the South-Eastern Part of Żerków-Czeszewo Landscape Park (Wielkopolska-Kujawy Lowland)

Publication Date May 19, 2021


Abstract A lichenological inventory was conducted in the pine stands in the south-eastern region of Żerków-Czeszewo Landscape Park. The aim of this study was to recognize the lichen species diversity on the bark of Pinus sylvestris by considering tree age and forest habitat type. In total, 26 species of lichenized fungi were found on the bark of P. sylvestris . The biota comprises common and widespread species in Poland. Tree age positively and significantly influenced the species richness on the bark of P. sylvestris . The suitability of the pine tree age for lichens evident as alpha diversity seemed to be independent from the habitat of the trees. The age of phorophytes strongly affected the presence of Hypocenomyce scalaris . Mixed fresh coniferous forests were characterized by higher beta- and gamma diversity compared to fresh coniferous forests. There was no correlation between the number of species per tree (alpha diversity) and diversification of species composition in relation to the distance between pines. The findings indicate that maintenance of a variety of phorophytes and age-diversified tree stands can prevent impoverishment of the lichen biota in the south-eastern part of Żerków-Czeszewo Landscape Park.


Landscape Park Lichen Species Diversity Forest Habitat Type Tree Age Higher Beta Alpha Diversity Lichen Biota Tree Alpha Diversity Widespread Species Number Of Species

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