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The importance of the urologist in male oncology fertility preservation

Publication Date May 31, 2022


To demonstrate that surgical sperm retrieval (SSR) and spermatogonial stem cell retrieval (SSCR) in an oncological context are safe and successful. This a retrospective study in a tertiary hospital in the UK. Patients requiring fertility preservation from December 2017 to January 2020 were included. Data were analysed with Microsoft Excel 2016 and the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (version 20). Among 1264 patients referred to the Reproductive Medical Unit at the University College of London Hospitals for cryopreservation prior to gonadotoxic treatment, 39 chose to go forward with SSR/SSCR because they presented as azoo-/cryptozoospermic or an inability to masturbate/ejaculate. Interventions were testicular sperm extraction (23 patients) or aspiration (one), electroejaculation (one), and testicular wedge biopsy for SSCR (14). The median (range) age was 15.0 (10-65) years and the median testosterone level was 4.4 nmoL/L. Primary diagnoses were sarcoma in 11 patients, leukaemia in nine, lymphoma in eight, testicular tumour in five, other oncological haematological entities in two, other solid cancers in two, while two patients had non-oncological haematological diseases. SSR/SSCR could be offered within 7.5 days on average. Chemotherapy could follow within 2 days from SSR/SSCR, and bone marrow transplant occurred within 19.5 days (all expressed as medians). The success rate for SSR was 68.0% (at least one vial/straw collected). The mean (SD) Johnsen score of testicular biopsies was 5.23 (2.25) with a trend towards...

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