Applied Physics Letters | VOL. 121

Temperature dependent dielectric properties of GeTe-rich (GeTe)x(Sb2Te3)1−x glass

Publication Date Nov 21, 2022


The dielectric properties of phase-change materials, which could switch between crystalline and amorphous states, determine the device performances in the electronic and optical applications. Here, we have systematically investigated the dielectric properties of amorphous (a-) Ge8Sb2Te11 thin films with temperature by two complementary methods, i.e., the AC electrical measurement (0.5–186 Hz) and the impedance spectroscopy (9 kHz–3 GHz). The characterization of dielectric behavior of a-Ge8Sb2Te11 at low frequencies approaching DC, as defined by the static dielectric constants ([Formula: see text]), is achieved by the measurement at very low temperature. The resulting [Formula: see text] of a-Ge8Sb2Te11 is much larger than its optical dielectric constant [Formula: see text] at room temperature, which is mainly ascribed to the contribution of infrared active phonons at around tens of meV. The [Formula: see text] increases linearly by 16.5% from 5 to 300 K, due to more optical phonons activated at elevated temperatures. We also notice that [Formula: see text] shows little dependence on the frequency, and the total conductivity of a-Ge8Sb2Te11 extracted from impedance spectroscopies is frequency independent up to 10 MHz. Hence, no obvious dielectric relaxations are observed in a-Ge8Sb2Te11 below 10 MHz close to room temperature. In addition, the bandgap calculated from temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity is larger than that measured from the optical absorption edge by 11.5%.


Ge8Sb2Te11 Thin Films AC Electrical Measurement Tens Of meV Optical Absorption Edge Impedance Spectroscopies Complementary Methods Dielectric Constant Dielectric Properties Of Materials Optical Applications Temperature Dependence Of Conductivity

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