Design and Operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells | VOL. None

Synthesis, integration, and intensification of solid oxide fuel cell systems: process systems engineering perspective

Publication Date Jan 1, 2020


Abstract Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) benefit from a unique combination of features which makes them of great interest to process and energy industries as they are highly flexible in processing a variety of feedstocks. There are opportunities for combining SOFC modules (e.g., reformer and fuel cells), known as process intensification, resulting in cost reduction and energy efficiency. In addition, their integration with other processes has proved advantageous in terms of energy-conversion efficiency, environmental footprint, and economic performance. SOFCs also offer a systematic method for the electrochemical conversion and unmixed combustion of a variety of fuels, which significantly reduces the cost of CO2 capture. Ultralow emissions of atmospheric contaminants such as SOx, CO, volatile organic compounds, and NOx are further advantages of SOFC systems. However, these incentives come at the price of significantly more complex process configurations with more convoluted operational procedures and highly interactive control systems. Process systems engineering offers a unified framework for the analysis of SOFCs in the context of the process industries, which is the subject of this chapter. The features of interest include systematic methods for the synthesis of fuel preprocessing, SOFC stack configuration, heat and mass integration, integration with bottoming cycles, as well as carbon capture and storage.

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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems
Unmixed Combustion
Volatile Organic Compounds
Bottoming Cycles

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