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Synergistic Effect of Cold Treatment Combined with Ethyl Formate Fumigation against Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae).

Publication Date Jul 22, 2022


Drosophila suzukii is a quarantine pest that is rapidly spreading in berries. This study evaluated the synergistic effect of combination treatment with ethyl formate (EF) and cold temperature for D. suzukii control on imported grapes. A higher insecticidal effect was observed at 1 °C than at 5 °C at all developmental stages, and the pupal stage showed the strongest tolerance to cold temperature. After EF fumigation alone, eggs showed the highest tolerance at 216.67 mg·h/L (LCT99 value), and adults showed the highest susceptibility at <27.24 mg·h/L. Among the combination treatment methods, cold temperature after fumigation resulted in the best synergistic effect. The effect of this combination was significant, with 23.3% higher mortality for eggs, 22.4% for larvae, and 23.4% for pupae than observed with EF fumigation alone. Furthermore, the period of complete D. suzukii control in the 12 L desiccator was shorter in the combination treatment group at the LCT80 value than at the LCT50 value of the egg stage. EF showed a very high sorption rate (24%) after 4 h of exposure at a grape loading ratio of 15% in a 0.65 m3 fumigation chamber. As the grape loading ratio for combination treatment decreased, D. suzukii mortality increased, but when EF was administered at the LCT80 value, there was little difference in the mortalities of the eggs and larvae but not the pupae. All D. suzukii developmental stages were completely controlled within 7 days after combination treatment, and phytotoxicity was not observed in grapes. These resul...


Ethyl Formate Fumigation Ethyl Formate Synergistic Effect Of Combination Treatment Drosophila Suzukii Synergistic Effect Of Treatment Cold Temperature Higher Insecticidal Effect Combination Treatment High Sorption Rate Combination Treatment Group

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