Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam | VOL. 64

Survey on species composition and experience in using edible plants of Thai ethnic in Sop Cop district, Son La province

Publication Date Mar 25, 2022


Through the process of formation and development, communities have gradually accumulated experience in exploiting and using natural resources to serve their lives. Eating is an essential human need, first of all, to survive, and then gradually develop into art. Experience in exploiting and processing edible plants is diverse. In this study, by the botanical research methods combined with the ethnobotanical method, the authors recognised in the Thai ethnic community in Sop Cop district, Son La province 114 edible plant species. In 114 species recorded, 81 species are wild plants (accounting for 71.05%), 43 species are domesticated (37.72%), in which 10 species (8.77%) are semi-wild and domesticated. The group of vegetables is the most diverse with 52 species (45.61%), fruit trees with 39 species (34.21%), spice plants with 21 species (18.42%)... The parts are used also plentiful, with the most fruit with 57 species (50%), leaves, young buds, tubers... There are many special plants, processed to create unique and typical Thai dishes in Sop Cop district, Son La province.


Son La Province Essential Human Need Edible Plants Group Of Vegetables Spice Plants Young Buds Human Need Special Plants Process Of Formation Typical Dishes

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