Superconductor Science and Technology | VOL. 35

Superconductivity and weak anti-localization in nodal-line semimetal SnTaS2

Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


Topological semimetals with superconducting properties provide an emergent platform to explore the properties of topological superconductors. We report magnetization, and magneto-transport measurements on high quality single crystals of transition metal dichalcogenide SnTaS2. It is a nodal line semimetal with superconducting transition below T c = 2.9 K. Moderate anisotropy (γ = 3.1) is observed in upper critical fields along H//c and H//ab plane. In the normal state we observe large magneto-resistance and weak anti-localization effect that provide unambiguous confirmation of topological features in SnTaS2. Therefore, genuine topological characteristics can be studied in this material, particularly with regard to microscopic origin of order parameter symmetry.


Upper Critical Fields Weak Anti-localization Effect Weak Anti-localization Topological Semimetals Magneto-transport Measurements Ab Plane Moderate Anisotropy Large Magneto-resistance Effect Normal State Properties Of Superconductors

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