Journal of Molecular Biology | VOL. 434

Structural Mechanism of TAF-Iβ Chaperone Function on Linker Histone H1.10

Publication Date Oct 1, 2022


Linker histone H1, facilitated by its chaperones, plays an essential role in regulating gene expression by maintaining chromatin's higher-order structure and epigenetic state. However, we know little about the structural mechanism of how the chaperones recognize linker histones and conduct their function. Here, we used biophysical and biochemical methods to investigate the recognition of human linker histone isoform H1.10 by the TAF-Iβ chaperone. Both H1.10 and TAF-Iβ proteins consist of folded cores and disordered tails. We found that H1.10 formed a complex with TAF-Iβ in a 2:2 stoichiometry. Using distance restraints obtained from methyl-TROSY NMR and spin labels, we built a structural model for the core region of the complex. In the model, the TAF-Iβ core interacts with the globular domain of H1.10 mainly through electrostatic interactions. We confirmed the interactions by measuring the effects of mutations on the binding affinity. A comparison of our structural model with the chromatosome structure shows that TAF-Iβ blocks the DNA binding sites of H1.10. Our study provides insights into the structural mechanism whereby TAF-Iβ functions as a chaperone by preventing H1.10 from interacting with DNA directly.


Linker Histone H1 Globular Domain Of H1 Linker Histone methyl-TROSY NMR Chromatin's Higher-order Structure Epigenetic State Higher-order Structure Spin Labels Regulating Gene Expression Structural Mechanism

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