Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics | VOL. 727

Structural characterization and fatty acid epoxidation of CYP184A1 from Streptomyces avermitilis

Publication Date Sep 1, 2022


The genome of Streptomyces avermitilis contains 33 cytochrome P450 genes. Among the P450 gene products of S. avermitilis, we characterized the biochemical function and structural aspects of CYP184A1. Ultra-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis showed that CYP184A1 induced an epoxidation reaction to produce 9,10-epoxystearic acid. Steady-state kinetic analysis yielded a kcat value of 0.0067 min-1 and a Km value 10μM. The analysis of its crystal structures illustrated that the overall CYP184A1 structure adopts the canonical scaffold of cytochrome P450 and possesses a narrow and deep substrate pocket architecture that is required for binding to linear chain fatty acids. In the structure of the CYP184A1 oleic acid complex (CYP184A1-OA), C9-C10 of oleic acid was bound to heme for the productive epoxidation reaction. This study elucidates the roles of P450 enzymes in the oxidative metabolism of fatty acids in Streptomyces species.


Oxidative Metabolism Of Fatty Acids Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis Streptomyces Species Fatty Acids P450 Gene Epoxidation Reaction Oleic Acid Cytochrome P450 Narrow Pocket

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