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Publication Date Jun 17, 2022


One of the most important directions for the development of pediatric balneology is to improve the sanatorium-resort treatment of children. The Government of Russia has adopted the Decree No. 2581-r dated Nov. 26, 2018 on the strategic development of the Russian sanatorium-resort facilities with the purposes as follows: increasing the availability of sanatorium-resort treatment; development of health-improving areas and resorts; the effective use of natural therapeutic resources; improvement of the material and technical base of sanatorium-resort organizations. The article highlights the main tasks to achieving the abovementioned goals, which in its turn are aimed to developing a modern regulatory framework for the sanatorium-resort organizations, increasing the availability and supply of sanatorium-resort treatment for children, including disabled children, developing medical rehabilitation in sanatorium-resort organizations, using of balneology scientific achievements in the sanatorium-resort facilities; modern methodological and scientific support for sanatorium-resort business, improvement of training of specialists in the field of pediatric balneology and ways of solving the tasks. The contemporary network of pediatric sanatorium-resort institutions is presented, which includes 491 pediatric sanatorium-resort organizations (28 % of the total number of sanatorium and resort organizations). The paper describes the main achievements of pediatric physiotherapy (PT) in recent years, a wide range of innovation technologies in...


Pediatric Physiotherapy Medical Rehabilitation Of Children Peloid Therapy Sanatorium-resort Treatment Government Of Russia Medical Rehabilitation Light Therapy Development Of Resorts Use Of Natural Resources Support For Business

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