Socio-Religious and Cultural Discourse on Gender and Human Trafficking

Publication Date May 20, 2022


In recent years, scholars have noted that there are gender-specific vulnerabilities and risks faced by women throughout their livelihood trajectory, making them more susceptible to trafficking. A number of axioms have emerged that provide a generally accepted framework that women and girls are more disadvantaged because of their gender and social class. Due to gender discrimination and the undervaluation of low-skilled occupations, women are commonly concentrated in low-skilled and lowly paid jobs such as domestic work that are unregulated and informal with little or no legal protection. These conditions make women particularly vulnerable to gendered-specific exploitation, forced labor, extortion, debt bondage, and violence. This study examines the socio-religious and cultural discourse surrounding gender and human trafficking in Nigeria. The study reveals that even when human trafficking is not a new phenomenon, it has acquired a new dimension in the context of globalization and has been facilitated by increased mobility and the development of the internet and new technologies.

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Human Trafficking In Nigeria
Human Trafficking
Trafficking In Nigeria
Number Of Axioms
Gender-specific Vulnerabilities
Debt Bondage
Development Of The Internet
Cultural Discourse
Domestic Work
Legal Protection

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