Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) are ubiquitous in soil and water system and have become a great issue of environmental and public health concern since the 1990s. However, the occurrence and mechanism(s) of EDCs' migration and transformation at the watershed scale are poorly understood. A review of EDCs pollution in China's major watersheds (and comparison to other countries) has been carried out to better assess these issues and associated ecological risks, compiling a large amount of data. Comparing the distribution characteristics of EDCs in water environments around the world and analyzing various measures and systems for managing EDCs internationally, the significant insights of the review are: 1) There are significant spatial differences and concentration variations of EDCs in surface water and groundwater in China, yet all regions present non-negligible ecological risks. 2) The hyporheic zone, as a transitional zone of surface water and groundwater interaction, can effectively adsorb and degrade EDCs and prevent the migration of high concentrations of EDCs from surface water to groundwater. This suggests that more attention needs to be paid to the role played by critical zones in water environments, when considering the removal of EDCs in water environments. 3) In China, there is a lack of comprehensive and effective regulations to limit and reduce EDCs generated during human activities and their discharge into the water environment. 4) To prevent the deterioration of surface water and groundwater quality, the monitoring and management of EDCs in water environments should be strengthened in China. This review provides a thorough survey of scientifically valid data and recommendations for the development of policies for the management of EDCs in China's water environment.

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