BMC Neurology | VOL. 13

Retraction Note: Gene expression profiling analysis of the putamen for the investigation of compensatory mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease

Publication Date Nov 20, 2013


Parkinson’s disease (PD) is affecting 5 million people worldwide, but the response mechanisms of the striatum are still unclear. Therefore, identification of gene expression alterations in the striatum will greatly assist the development of novel therapy strategies. We performed a comprehensive gene expression analysis in 15 PD patients and 15 normal controls to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs) using the expression profile GSE20291 from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). Gene Ontology (GO) analysis and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Gene and Genome (KEGG) pathway enrichment analysis were used to define functions and pathways altered in PD. Protein-protein interaction network was constructed to find out the modules with close interactions. Total715 DEGs including 268 up-regulated and 447 down-regulated genes were obtained. GO functional enrichment analysis indicated that the genes related with neurons function and cell morphogenesis might be changed upon PD. KEGG pathway enrichment analysis showed that most of the genes were enriched in the nodes of Gap junction, calcium signaling pathway, phosphatidylinositol signaling system, long-term potentiation, Alzheimer’s disease and GnRH signaling pathway. Protein-protein interaction network and module analysis suggested that some apoptosis related genes, such as PRKCA, CDC42 and BCL2 may play critical roles in striatal neurons growth. Intrinsic striatal tyrosine hydroxylase interneurons growth may be promoted by changes in several genes expression and thus reduce the functional exc...


Kyoto Encyclopedia Of Gene And Genome Gene Ontology Functional Enrichment Analysis Differentially Expressed Genes Parkinson’s Disease Gene Ontology Functional Enrichment Protein-protein Interaction Network GnRH Signaling Pathway Phosphatidylinositol Signaling System Gene Expression Gene Ontology

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