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Researching on Data Culture and Its Application in Solving Organizational Problems

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


The volume of data that individuals & businesses create tends to increase rapidly, leading to the challenge of how to leverage them to create real value? That's why more and more businesses are engaged in pursuing Data Culture & orienting it to become the number one priority (according to Gartner's survey). However, the transition from instinct-driven decision-making to data-driven decision making is not an easy process. From culture to logistics, there are countless barriers that organizations must navigate in order to make optimal use of cultural data to their benefit. This Paper is based in the following Research Design. It first seeked the theoretical framework on Data-Driven Culture, Data-Driven Marketing and its importance in an Organization. Then, via the application of Data Analytics – An application that analyzes data to identify problems and solutions, the Paper then proposes this data as the backbone for all activities and decisions in the process of planning, implementing, and optimizing operations. Thirdly, it researches a sample case study of Common types of data in Performance Marketing and Marketing data analysis process. The study has shown very significant results. One of the primary outcomes of this research is to find out the definition of Data Driven Culture, Data-Driven Marketing and related theorectical framworks. In addition, the findings showed a Case Study of Performance Marketing which reveals the Data Driven Culture, Data-Driven Marketing and its applications for business decison making an...

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Data-Driven Marketing
Application Of Data Analytics
Data-Driven Culture
Significant Results
Research Design
Data In Marketing
Application Of Analytics
Data In Process
Marketing Data Analysis
Definition Of Data

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