Journal of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism : JPEM | VOL. 35

Recurrent hypoglycemic seizure as a presenting symptom of post-TBI hypopituitarism in children: a case report, review and proposed protocol.

Publication Date Aug 26, 2022


Post-traumatic brain injury hypopituitarism is a common unrecognized condition in children after head injury. Due to its similarity of clinical symptoms with those of head trauma, clinical diagnosis of post-TBI hypopituitarism is challenging. To date, there is no standardized screening protocol for children with history of brain injury. This article demonstrates a case of 14-year-old boy with severe head trauma who developed refractory seizures with episodic hypoglycemia and weight loss. We aimed to focus on the prevalence, clinical courses and clinical implementations of each hormonal axis in children with post-traumatic brain injury hypopituitarism. We also aim to raise awareness of this condition to pediatricians in light of enhancing patient care. We have searched for original articles, published in English between year 2000 and 2021. There are 20 related articles, authors reviewed all the articles independently. Prevalence of post-traumatic hypopituitarism ranges from 5-57% in children. Growth hormone is the most commonly affected hormone. The highest prevalence is 42.3% at more than 12 months after the brain injury. The symptoms and severity range from asymptomatic to requiring long-term hormonal therapy. Although normalization of pituitary function is demonstrated at various times after the injury, hormone replacement therapy is still required in some patients. This is the first report that demonstrates a presenting symptom of hypopituitarism mimic traumatic brain symptoms which result in it being overlooked. This cas...


Post-traumatic Hypopituitarism Hypopituitarism In Children History Of Brain Injury Severe Head Trauma Hormone Replacement Therapy Brain Injury Episodic Hypoglycemia Pituitary Function Growth Hormone Head Trauma

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