To estimate from the literature review, the interest of hygienic and behavioural measures and the use of food supplements (herbal) to prevent female urinary tract infection. Pubmed research was focused on the efficiency of prophylactic measures in recurrent cystisis management. Due to many predisposing factors such as anatomical charasteristics, hydration and lifestyle, cystisis is more common in female subjects than in male. The infection is mostly caused by uropathgenic Escherichia coli which is mostly found in the intestine. Recomendations propose a better use of antibiotics that causes undesirable side effects (such as nausea, candidiasis) and favours the development of resistant bacterial strains. Hygienic measures, good hydration, and respecting a good urinary rythm help to protect from new infectious episodes. Food supplements such as cranberry or D-mannose can also interfere with the recurrence of cystisis, by preventing the bacteria sticking to urinary tract epithelia. Their efficency is relative and seems to be dose-dependent. Better tolerated than prophylactic antibiotic treatments, they can increase times of respite. Using prophylactic treatment still have an interest, even if they are questionable. Moreover, the combination of these methods (diet and lifestyle advice) can be an alternative to long-term prophylactic medical treatment.

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