Movement Ecology | VOL. 10

Recent trends in movement ecology of animals and human mobility

Publication Date May 25, 2022


Movement is fundamental to life, shaping population dynamics, biodiversity patterns, and ecosystem structure. In 2008, the movement ecology framework (MEF Nathan et al. in PNAS 105(49):19052\u201319059, 2008) introduced an integrative theory of organismal movement\u2014linking internal state, motion capacity, and navigation capacity to external factors\u2014which has been recognized as a milestone in the field. Since then, the study of movement experienced a technological boom, which provided massive quantities of tracking data of both animal and human movement globally and at ever finer spatio-temporal resolutions. In this work, we provide a quantitative assessment of the state of research within the MEF, focusing on animal movement, including humans and invertebrates, and excluding movement of plants and microorganisms. Using a text mining approach, we digitally scanned the contents of >8000 papers from 2009 to 2018 available online, identified tools and methods used, and assessed linkages between all components of the MEF. Over the past decade, the publication rate has increased considerably, along with major technological changes, such as an increased use of GPS devices and accelerometers and a majority of studies now using the R software environment for statistical computing. However, animal movement research still largely focuses on the effect of environmental factors on movement, with motion and navigation\xa0continuing to receive little attention. A search of topics based on words featured in abstracts revealed a clu...


Animal Movement Movement Ecology Of Animals Use Of GPS Devices Movement Ecology Framework Finer Spatio-temporal Resolutions Major Technological Changes Text Mining Approach Movement Ecology Publication Rate Biodiversity Patterns

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