Bioresource Technology | VOL. 298

Recent advances in partial denitrification in biological nitrogen removal: From enrichment to application

Publication Date Feb 1, 2020


To maximize energy recovery, carbon capture followed by shortcut nitrogen removal is becoming the most promising route in biological wastewater treatment. As the intermediate of microbial denitrification, nitrite could serve as a substrate for anammox bacteria, while N2O is a combustion promoter that can increase 37 % energy release from CH4 than O2. Therefore, the important advances in partial denitrification (PD) that produces nitrite or N2O as the main product using inorganic or organic electron donors were critically reviewed. Specifically, the enrichment strategies of PD microorganisms were obtained by analyzing the selection pressures, metabolism, physiology, and microbiology of these microorganisms. Furthermore, some prospective and promising processes integrating PD microorganisms and the bottlenecks of current applications were discussed. The obtained knowledge would provide new insights into the upgrading of current WWTPs involving commitment to achieve nitrogen removal from wastewaters more economically and environmentally friendly.

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Partial Denitrification
Shortcut Nitrogen Removal
Nitrogen Removal
Maximize Energy Recovery
Organic Electron Donors
Biological Nitrogen Removal

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