Quality of Life and Quality of Work Life Among Radiographers

Publication Date May 20, 2022


In a globalized and increasingly competitive age, marked by complex healthcare systems and constant changes in the patterns, work demands, and the fast pace of technological innovations, it is important that health facilities and managers/leaders recognize healthcare workforce as a valuable and indispensable resource since they promote growth and development for ensuring quality of services offered to patients. Therefore, it is necessary to create opportunities and incentives that promote radiographer professional development, healthy organizational cultures that encourage and engage radiographer actives, and satisfy not only professionally but also personally. Physical and psychological well-being, environmental factors, personal relationships, and career factors influence a person's life and, when positive, provide a greater personal achievement. The main objective of this study was to analyze quality of life and quality of work life among radiographers and to compare the results between these professionals in two different countries, namely Portugal and England.

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Quality Of Work Life
Quality Of Life
Complex Healthcare Systems
Work Demands
Constant Changes
Psychological Well-being
Person's Life
Health Facilities
Pace Of Innovations
Personal Relationships

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