The prebriefing phase of simulation lacks development and research. The aim of this project was to evaluate the use of a concept map in the prebriefing process of simulation. A quasi-experimental post-test only project was implemented using a concept map in the prebriefing process to evaluate the impact on clinical competence in nursing students in a prelicensure associated degree nursing program. The Creighton Clinical Competence Evaluation (C-CEI) was used to compare the two groups (n = 113). Results of the Mann Whitney U test revealed no significant difference between the intervention/concept map concept (Mdn = 38) compared to the experimental group, (Mdn = 39), U = 1904, z = 1.781, p = .075. A Pearson Chi-Square analysis on the individual variables of the C-CEI revealed a statistically significant relationship in the concept map group on the following variables: Assesses the Environment (p = .003), Documentation, (p = .043), Professionalism ( p =.011), Interprets Data, (p = .028), Provides Evidence-Based Rationale for Interventions (p = .007), Evaluates Evidence-Based Interventions and Outcomes, (p = .000) and Reflects on Potential Hazards and Errors (p = .016). Results suggest a concept map in the prebriefing process may impact the clinical competency of nursing students in certain areas. Further research is needed to develop and define the prebriefing process using a concept map and the undergraduate nursing student.

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