Geomechanics and Geophysics for Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources | VOL. 6

Potential of $$\hbox {CO}_{2}$$ based geothermal energy extraction from hot sedimentary and dry rock reservoirs, and enabling carbon geo-sequestration

Publication Date Jan 7, 2020


Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is necessary to mitigate global warming caused by anthropogenic $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ {2} $ $ emissions in the atmosphere. However, due to very high storage cost, it is difficult to sustain the CCS industry. The hot sedimentary and dry rock reservoirs with very high temperature can support both geothermal energy production, and carbon geosequestration economically, provided the $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ {2} $ $ is used as a heat-carrying fluid with proper optimization of injection parameters according to reservoir conditions. In this paper we have reviewed past studies discussing the working mechanisms, pressure management strategies and various advantages of energy extraction from hydrothermal reservoirs by $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ 2 $ $ plume geothermal technology and hot dry rock — enhanced geothermal system (EGS) technology. Past studies highlighted that due to very high thermal expansivity and mobility, supercritical $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ 2 $ $ can produce more heat than water-EGS. For low enthalpy (around 50 $ $ ^ \ circ $ $ C) and shallow (0.5 – 1.5 km) reservoirs, $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ 2 $ $ can fetch more heat than water because of higher heat capacity. Other advantages of CCS and EGS are (i) the production of brine or $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ 2 $ $ assisting to manage the reservoir pressure and restrict the fluid interference with neighboring reservoirs, (ii) the fluid loss, which is a significant concern in a water-EGS but for $ $ \ hbox {CO} _ {2} $ $-EGS it is environmentally friendly, and (iii) higher pres...

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Carbon Capture And Sequestration
Enhanced Geothermal System
Hot Dry Rock
Hydrothermal Reservoir
Hot Dry Rock System
Dry Rock
Pressure Management Strategies

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