American Journal of Botany | VOL. 109

Polyploidization: Consequences of genome doubling on the evolutionary potential of populations

Publication Date Aug 1, 2022


Whole-genome duplication is common in plants and is considered to have a broad range of effects on individuals' phenotypes and genomes and to be an important driver of plant adaptation and speciation. Despite their increased capacity to cope with challenging environments, polyploid lineages are generally as prone to extinction, and sometimes more prone, than their diploid progenitors. Although several explanations have been proposed to explain the short- and long-term disadvantages of polyploidy on the survival probability of populations, the consequences of whole-genome doubling on the heritable variance remain poorly studied. Whole-genome doubling can have major effects not only on the genetics, but also on the ecology and life history of the populations. Modifications of other properties of populations can reverse the effects of polyploidization per se on heritable variance. In this synthesis, I summarize the empirical and theoretical knowledge about the multifarious consequences of genome doubling on the heritable variance of quantitative traits and on the evolutionary potential of polyploid populations compared to their diploid progenitors. I propose several ways to decipher the consequences of whole-genome doubling on survival probability and to study the further consequences of shifting the ecological niche and life-history traits of a population. I also highlight some practical considerations for comparing the heritable variance of a trait among different cytotypes. Such investigations appear to be timely and necessa...


Diploid Progenitors Heritable Variance Whole-genome Doubling Polyploid Lineages Variance Of Traits Whole-genome Duplication Potential Of Lineages Theoretical Knowledge Survival Probability Practical Considerations

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