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Plasma membrane H+-ATPases promote TORC1 activation in plant suspension cells.

Publication Date May 20, 2022


The TORC1 (Target of Rapamycin Complex 1) kinase complex plays a pivotal role in controlling cell growth in probably all eukaryotic species. The signals and mechanisms regulating TORC1 have been intensely studied in mammals but those of fungi and plants are much less known. We have previously reported that the yeast plasma membrane H+-ATPase Pma1 promotes TORC1 activation when stimulated by cytosolic acidification or nutrient-uptake-coupled H+ influx. Furthermore, a homologous plant H+-ATPase can substitute for yeast Pma1 to promote this H+-elicited TORC1 activation. We here report that TORC1 activity in Nicotiana tabacum BY-2 cells is also strongly influenced by the activity of plasma membrane H+-ATPases. In particular, stimulation of H+-ATPases by fusicoccin activates TORC1, and this response is also observed in cells transferred to a nutrient-free and auxin-free medium. Our results suggest that plant H+-ATPases, known to be regulated by practically all factors controlling cell growth, contribute to TOR signaling.

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Target Of Rapamycin Complex 1
Target Of Rapamycin Complex 1 Activation
Nicotiana Tabacum BY-2 Cells
Plant Suspension Cells
Yeast Plasma Membrane
Target Of Rapamycin Complex 1 Kinase
Auxin-free Medium
Cytosolic Acidification
Controlling Cell Growth
Eukaryotic Species

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