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Pilot scale production and characterization of next generation high molecular weight and tense quaternary state polymerized human hemoglobin

Publication Date Oct 3, 2022


Polymerized human hemoglobin (PolyhHb) is being studied as a possible red blood cell (RBC) substitute for use in scenarios where blood is not available. While the oxygen (O2 ) carrying capacity of PolyhHb makes it appealing as an O2 therapeutic, the commercial PolyhHb PolyHeme® (Northfield Laboratories Inc.) was never approved for clinical use due to the presence of large quantities of low molecular weight (LMW) polymerichemoglobin (Hb) species (<500 kDa), which have been shown to elicit vasoconstriction, systemic hypertension, and oxidative tissue injury in vivo. Previous bench-top scale studies in our lab demonstrated the ability to synthesize and purify PolyhHb using a two-stage tangential flow filtrationpurification process to remove almost all undesirable Hb species (>0.2 µm and <500 kDa) in the material, to create a product that should be safer for transfusion. Therefore, to enable future large animal studies and eventual human clinical trials, PolyhHb synthesis and purification processes need to be scaled up to the pilot scale. Hence in this study, we describe the pilot scale synthesis and purification of PolyhHb. Characterization of pilot scale PolyhHb showed that PolyhHb could be successfully produced to yield biophysical properties conducive for its use as an RBC substitute. Size exclusion high performance liquid chromatography showed that pilot scale PolyhHb yielded a high molecular weight Hb polymer containing a small percentage of LMW Hb species (<500 kDa). Additionally, the aut...


Hb Species Pilot Scale Exclusion High Performance Liquid Chromatography Size Exclusion High Performance Liquid Polymerized Human Hemoglobin Northfield Laboratories Oxidative Tissue Injury Pilot Scale Production Production Of High Molecular Weight Characterization Of Molecular Weight

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